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Friday, July 19, 2013

LaserJet 1010 Windows 7 X64 Drivers solution

I had problems with LJ 1010 on Windows 7 x64, none of the drivers found on the internet worked.


  1. Go to "Install new printer"
  2. In Windows control center then choose "Local printer"
  3. Then "DOT4_001 (Generic IEEE....)"
  4. Then choose "HP Jaserjet 3055 PCL5"

solution drawbacks:
The only thing I still miss is ability to print booklets. It prints only on one side and where native 1010 drivers for XP did pause before printing on the other side of paper it just stops printing... But at least I can change print options and print several pages per sheet.

Back again to my old printer. . .

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

JDeveloper Crashing

while restoring the JDeveloper to work the IDE hung giving this screen

The solution is to:
  1. End JDeveloper process
  2. Rename the system folder
  3. Re-Run JDeveloper and wait until new system folder creation done successfully
  4. Navigate to this Folder 
  5. o.ide
  6. Replace this file with the newly created one
  7. runStatus.xml
  8. Delete newly created system folder and rename the old one with its original name
  9. Run the JDeveloper
  10. Enjoy your configured IDE