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Monday, September 09, 2013

Deploying ADF Applacition On GlassFish Server

1- Download Glass Fish Server
go to "Oracle GlassFish Server" and download it
2- Download ADF Essential
got to "Oracle ADF Essentials" and download it ("
3- Installing Glass Fish. Create Domain.
4- Unzip in domain (unzip.exe –j
5- Start-domain. http//localhost:4848.
6- server-config. Change JVM setting.
-Duser.timezone=Etc/GMT-2 (write your timezone).
-XX:PermSize=256m (Edit Java momery).
-XX:MaxPermSize=512m (Edit Java momery).
7- Create JDBC Connection Pools. javax.sql.XADataSource.
8- Create JDBC resource. jdbo/hr
9- Edit ADF Application AppModule. Project  properties.  Application properties.
10- Edit Java EE web application.
11- Develop ADF application.
12- run the application